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Posted: November 15 2010

As well as categorising dogs by different breed groups, another way to differentiate between dogs according to their size when grown.  By size, we mean by the dog’s weight and height range.Puppy Review uses the more accurate classifications that you see in our profiles, and we discuss here.


These are puppies that grow up to weigh over 100 pounds.  Giant puppies will also grow to a height of between 22 and 42 inches

You should expect your Giant puppy to grow quickly, but these puppies take longer to mature into their full adult sizes.   

A giant dog will need a lot of room to exercise, play and run around.  You will need time to walk or run your dog daily.  

The size of Giant Breeds may not make them practical to have around small children or the elderly.


Large breed puppies will grow up to weigh 60 to 100 pounds.  Just like Giant Breeds, Large dogs need lots of space and exercise, so you will need to have a large yard, plus time to take your dog on walks and runs.

Some large breeds may not be suitable for families because of their size and strength, however many of these breeds can be trained with patience to be a good family pet and protector of the home.


Breeds that are medium to large size will grow up to weigh between 35 and 65 pounds. Medium to Small breeds may weigh as little as 26 pounds.

Most medium breeds are happy just to spend time with their owners. These breeds will need some exercise and make lovely family pets, plus are a great deterrent to potential intruders.

Smaller medium breeds are suitable for apartment living, however most will still prefer a daily walk.

You might also find these size dogs referred to as standard dogs.


A small dog will grow up to weigh less than 22 pounds. Small dog breeds usually grow no more than 16 inches.

Small breeds are perfect for people who live in apartments or housing without any yard spaces. They make wonderful companions, and also great watchdogs.

They are great dogs for people who like to go on gentle daily walks, however some might prefer more vigorous exercise, and others just like to play at home.

Many people make the mistake of assuming that their size means small breeds are quiet, friendly or lazy. In fact, these breeds are usually smart, strong-willed and may show signs of aggression to strangers or threats to their home. 

People may also refer to “Teacup” size dogs; these dogs belong in this category.

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Unregistered dog breeders can operate in putrid conditions, only bothering to clean up the puppies at sale time. Always ask to look around the puppy’s living quarters.

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