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Posted: November 09 2010

Kennel Clubs around the world distinguish dogs according to dog breed groups.

While dog breed groups are used for Kennel Clubs for exhibiting and showing dogs, they can also help you when choosing which puppy to buy.

This is because dog breed groups are based on the types of work the breed was original bred to perform and the dogs’ historical skill sets.   Today, we can use this information to determine the personality traits and temperament we can expect each dog breed to exhibit.

So when choosing your puppy, suitability according to dog breed groups can be a great place to start.  Breed groups of dogs will not only have similar appearances and sizes, they will usually also share the same personality traits and intelligence.

Even if you want to purchase a mixed-breed puppy, looking at the breed group information and the two dog breeds’ ancestry will be useful.

When Puppy Review arranged its dog profiles into dog breed groups, we looked closely at breed groups used by highly regarded professional organisations such as the American Kennel Club’s breed groupings.

You will notice that we have not relied on the exact classification of the American Kennel Club (or AKC), although for your interest we do in each breed group indicate what the AKC equivalent title for the breed is.

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Chow Chows are the only breed of dog with a black tongue!

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