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The very playful Keeshond typifies a spitz dog breed. These affectionate medium-sized dogs and good-natured and quite trainable. Expect a friendly addition to your household!

Kerry Beagle

This breed of dog is a pack hound and holds the hunting instinct strong. They make very good pets as they are good with children and other dogs.

Did you know?

Unregistered dog breeders can operate in putrid conditions, only bothering to clean up the puppies at sale time. Always ask to look around the puppy’s living quarters.

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Pugs are the ultimate companion dog. Living to please their owner, this small dog bred is even-tempered and playful, with minimal exercise needs.
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The Alaunt is said by some to be instinct but we still found people claiming to breed Alaunts. We are unsure which is true but we got as much information as we could.
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