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Tibetan Spaniel

This small dog breed is a great choice for a family watch dog, although the Tibetan Spaniel does have a reputation as being difficult to train.


The Tornjak is a large and powerful dog. It is friendly, calm and full of dignity and self confidence.

Toy Fox Terrier

Also known as the American Toy Terrier or Amertoy, the Toy Fox Terrier is both a Toy and a Terrier that makes a great watch dog or family companion.

Toy Manchester Terrier

There are two varieties of the Manchester Terrier: Toy and Standard. The Manchester Terrier is a high-spirited, very intelligent and powerful dog that is eager to learn.

Treeing Walker Coonhound

This powerful dog loves the outdoors! The Treeing Walker Coonhound is eager to please and makes a great hunter companion.

Tyrolean Hound

The Tyrolean Hound is one of best hunting dogs to originate from Austria. The Tyrolean Hound was evolved to hunt in the high altitudes of Austrian mountains, and is believed to have evolved from the Celtic Hounds.

Did you know?

It is agreed that two dogs survived the sinking of the Titanic back in 1912. A Pomeranian and Pekinese were carried onto the lifeboats with their owners. Legend has it that a black Newfoundland named Rigel, who belonged to the first officer, also survived after spending three hours in the icy water.

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Pugs are the ultimate companion dog. Living to please their owner, this small dog bred is even-tempered and playful, with minimal exercise needs.
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Alsatian Shepalute

As of February 2010 this breed was officially named the American Alsatian. Please see American Alsatian for more information.
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