Giant Puppies

These are puppies that grow up to weigh over 100 pounds. Giant puppies will also grow to a height of between 22 and 42 inches.

Akita Inu

While the Akita Inu can be reserved around strangers, this affectionate but independent dog is a natural protector of its family.

Alangu Mastiff

This rare giant dog breed is highly valued in the East because of its aggressive nature and strong guarding instincts. These characteristics make the Alangu Mastiff difficult to train and unsuitable for inexperienced dog owners.


The Alaunt is said by some to be instinct but we still found people claiming to breed Alaunts. We are unsure which is true but we got as much information as we could.

American Alsatian

As of February 21, 2010 the Alsatian Shepalute was officially named the American Alsatian. This dog is the world’s only large dog breed that was bred primarily as a companion dog.


Bloodhounds are powerful but good-natured dogs. This versatile giant dog breed is used as a tracker, a companion dog, or in show ring.


The Bullmastiff is a devoted, alert guard dog that has a good-natured temperament. This breed is docile and affectionate, but becomes fearless when it is provoked.

Great Dane

The Great Dane is aptly known as the gentle giant of the dog world. With this large dog breed's affectionate and playful nature, it is easy to see why. Great Danes love everyone, especially children, but need companionship and daily exercise.

Great Pyrenee (Pyrenee Mountain Dog)

The Great Pyrenees is a very capable guardian, it is completely devoted to its family, though somewhat wary of strangers both human and canine.

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

The large and sociable Greater Swiss Mountain Dog makes a great family pet, with its pleasant temperament and willingness to please. this giant dog breed gets along with everyone.

Neapolitan Mastiff

The Neapolitan Mastiff makes a wonderful addition to any family, with their affectionate but serious nature and protective instincts. These massive dogs with a penetrating stare are known for their loyal and calm approach to life.

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Did you know?

While you should expect your puppy to mouth, or play bite you, it is important to teach her not to sink her teeth into people.

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