Herding Puppies

Herding dog breeds are also called pastoral breeds. These puppies are specifically bred to herd or protect sheep and other livestock. In countries like Australia herding dogs are still used by farmers to herd or protect sheep. Because of their heritage, your dog will remain extremely active and playful and like to chase. Training is important to control instinctive nipping and barking. Happily, these puppies are easy to train as family pets, but they will need a lot of exercize.


This dog is a native wild dog of South Africa and is rarely kept as a pet.


The Aidi is a Moroccan dog breed typically used to guard herds of sheep and goats. This dog is also known for its hunting skills and has good scenting ability.

American Pit Bull Terrier   (Pit Bull)

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a good-natured, amusing, extremely loyal and affectionate family pet that is usually good with children and adults.

Australian Cattle Dog

As the name suggests, the Australian Cattle Dog was originally bred to herd cattle. But this energetic dog breed also makes a great family pet and companion dog.

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are easy-going, and they remain puppy-like even in their adult years. As they are courageous and naturally protective The Australian Shepherd makes a fantastic watch dog for the home and family.

Border Collie

The Border Collie has been rated the smartest dog breed on a number of occasions and has ruled the dog sporting world.

Caanan Dog

If you are after a fun dog with an adventurous spirit, the easily trained Canaan Dog might be the one for you!

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is a highly intelligent and obedient breed that is able and willing to please their owners. They are very reliable, dedicated and loving, but can be wary of strangers.


This large dog breed makes the perfect family pet. Collies are gentle and friendly dogs that adore children and get on well with other animals.

Entlebucher Mountain Dog

This cheerful and active medium dog breed is a bundle of puppy energy! Not for the inexperienced or timid dog owner, the highly intelligent Entle can make a fun loving family pet with calm and consistent leadership.

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Did you know?

The rare Xoloitzcuintli gets its name from the Aztec Indian God “Xolotl”, and “Itzcuintli”, the Aztec word for dog.

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