Working Puppies

Working dogs were bred to help humans with those yucky laborious jobs, so these puppies grow up to be big and strong. Working dogs may be involved in jobs such as guarding and protecting property, livestock or people. Others are used to pull carts, boats or sleighs. Other working dog breeds assist in conducting search and rescue missions. Working dogs are good at occupying themselves without getting into mischief. They are also extremely obedient dogs. The intelligence of working dogs means they are quick to learn and will be easy to train. Training will be important particularly if you intend to keep a working dog in a family environment. However, because these dog breeds are generally stockier and larger and stronger than other breeds, they may not make the best family pet.


This dog is a native wild dog of South Africa and is rarely kept as a pet.

Akita Inu

While the Akita Inu can be reserved around strangers, this affectionate but independent dog is a natural protector of its family.

Alano Espanol

Since this breed was used for hunting in packs, it is very sociable with other dogs. All large dogs must be well socialized with humans and other animals when young, if they are to be safely kept as pets. Large working dogs such as the Alano Español need regular training and activity for their whole lives.

Alaskan Malamute

Only for the most experienced dog owner, the Alaskan Malamute is still used today as a sled dog, but also makes an affectionate family pet.

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are easy-going, and they remain puppy-like even in their adult years. As they are courageous and naturally protective The Australian Shepherd makes a fantastic watch dog for the home and family.

Bernese Mountain Dog

These cheerful dogs love children. They are very intelligent, easy to train and are natural watchdogs, but not overly dominant. The Bernese Mountain Dog will be a friend for life.

Border Collie

The Border Collie has been rated the smartest dog breed on a number of occasions and has ruled the dog sporting world.


The Boxer is happy and playful dog. In fact, many owners say that this energetic large dog breed does not grow out of the puppy stage!

Cane Corso

Not for the first-time dog owner, the Cane Corso is a great protector and loyal sloberring playmate!

Doberman Pinscher

This is a good family dog if it has adequate training and exercise.

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Did you know?

While you should expect your puppy to mouth, or play bite you, it is important to teach her not to sink her teeth into people.

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