The Aidi, also known as Chien de l’Atlas is a Moroccan dog breed typically used to guard herds of sheep and goats. This dog is also known for its hunting skills and has good scenting ability. They are used together in hunting with the Sloughi breed of dogs. The Sloughi will typically chase down prey that the Aidi has located by scent. These dogs are historically found in the mountains of North Africa where their primary use was to guard property and livestock from predators like jackals, wolves, foxes and snakes. Their keen sense of smell made them useful additions to nomadic caravans in the Sahara desert, where these dogs would be help to track prey. The Aidi is energetic and highly protective making it a very good guard and watchdog, however, is not a breed for everyone. They need an owner who knows how to remain alpha dog, and need a job to do, preferably as a flock guard. As a sensitive breed, the dog should receive kind yet firm training.

Playing in the snow.
Charlie ready for a bushwalk.
Gloria sitting on a log.
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21 to 24 inches (53.3 to 61 cm)


50 to 55 pounds (22.8 to 25.1 kgs)

Life Expectancy:

11 to 14 years



Available colors:


The Aidi is:

  • Active
  • Energetic
  • Protective

Health Concerns

No known Health Concerns

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