British Bulldog (English Bulldog)

The British Bulldog is a medium sized dog very devoted and loyal to humans. The British Bulldog has a somewhat intimidating appearance but it is actually one of the gentlest and laziest dog breeds that exist. If you are looking for a dog that will chase a burglar down the street this is most definitely the wrong breed for you. The British Bulldog is best suited to live indoors as it is very fragile in hot weather conditions. Because of its short snout it has breathing difficulties. So although it is suggested you take the dog for a daily walk be sure to keep it easy, take water with you and stop if it seems as though your bulldog is breathing too heavily. Another thing that comes hand in hand with the short snout is snoring. That’s right dogs snore too and Bulldogs snore extra loud. If this will bother you either don’t get a British Bulldog or make their bed downstairs or at the other end of the house keeping in mind it must be indoors. British Bulldogs offer great affection and companionship and would love to snuggle up on the couch with you all day if they could. They are gentle around children and get along well with other pets. They need an owner who will display firm leadership but also want to cuddle and play.

British Bulldog (English Bulldog)
British Bulldog (English Bulldog)
Angel playing in the yard.
British Bulldog (English Bulldog)
Adult British Bulldog
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12 to 16 inches (30.5 to 40.6 cm)


49 to 55 pounds (22.3 to 25.1 kgs)

Life Expectancy:

6 to 9 years



Available colors:


The British Bulldog (English Bulldog) is:

  • Affectionate
  • Loyal
  • Stubborn

Health Concerns

Breathing difficulties, Hip dysplasia, Obesity, Skin Allergies

Can have small windpipes making breathing very difficult. Can have poor eye sight sometimes even complete blindness.

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British Bulldogs are the most awesome looking dogs. They look so tough but are actually quite friendly. I would love to get one but they do take a lot of time to look after and have a few health problems. Maybe when I can retire and stay home with it all day I will be able to get one smile

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