Kerry Beagle

The Kerry Beagle is a medium sized hound with a broad head, a short coat and long ears. They need a lot of exercise. This exercise should be regular, twice to three times a day, and should be made up of walks and free runs. These dogs are energetic and free-spirited. Being pack hounds, Kerry Beagles have strong hunting instincts which is why they should be kept on a leash when out in public, because they might chase after animals. Eventhough they are hunting dogs they could still make good pets because they get along well with children, pets and other dogs. The Kerry Beagle is a much larger beagle than the standard, more like a foxhound, and have a very strong hunting instinct. Though they could be kept as pets, it is best not kept as pets unless they have lots and lots of exercise.

Kerry Beagle
Kerry Beagle
Kerry Beagle
Kerry Beagle
Kerry Beagle
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56 to 61 inches (142.2 to 154.9 cm)


25 to 28 pounds (11.4 to 12.8 kgs)

Life Expectancy:

10 to 14 years


The Kerry Beagle is one of the oldest Irish Hounds, believed to be descendant from the Old Southern Hound or Celtic Hounds, detailed pedigrees date back as far as 1794. Originally bred as a scent hound used to track game, larger hounds were then sent in to do the actually hunting. This breed is still used today for hunting hare and takes part in drag trials. The Kerry Beagle almost died out and may have been revived by adding braque de l'Ariège, a French hound.

Available colors:


The Kerry Beagle is:

  • Active
  • Confident
  • Independent
  • Intelligent
  • Trainable

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Jazz Wilkons

Haha. The first pic is so cute. I wish they stayed puppies they look funny as adults :/

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