This toy dog breed is a lovely companion pet, and is known for its loyalty towards its owner, and willingness to please. Pugs are even-tempered dogs that are playful and energetic. These outgoing toy dogs make not only a wonderful family pet, but also a great choice of dog for the elderly. This small dog breed is relatively low maintenance, sleeping up to 14 hours a day! Because they only need a short walk each day, Pugs are also suitable for apartment life. However this dog breed is prone to obesity, so it important to enforce a strict diet and limit treats. Rarely aggressive and considered docile, this toy breed is also an excellent choice for families with small children.

The Pug was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1885.
These are the only two colors of pugs recognized by the American Kennel Club are black and fawn.
With their square features and well-defined muzzle, Pugs are often described as miniature Mastiffs!
Pugs are popular companion dogs that love to please their owners.
Because of the Pug's flat face and short snout it is important that they are not over-exercised. During exercise and play monitor your Pug's breathing.
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Small / Toy


10 to 14 inches (25.4 to 35.6 cm)


14 to 18 pounds (6.4 to 8.2 kgs)

Life Expectancy:

10 to 12 years


China. Pugs have been traced back to as early as 400BC, and were used as a pet of the Buddhist monasteries in Tibet. Pugs were later taken to Europe by the Dutch East India Company.

Popular Pug Cross-Breeds:

Bugg,Boston Pug – Pug X Boston-Terrier Puggle – Pug X Beagle Pugador – Pug X Labrador-Retriever Pugapoo – Pug X Poodle Puggat – Pug X American-Rat-Terrier Bassugg – Pug X Basset-Hound Pushon – Pug X Bichon-Frise Puginese - Pug X Pekingese Chug – Pug X Chihuahua Brug - Pug X Brussels Griffon Cocker Pug - Pug X Cocker Spaniel Daug - Pug X Dachshund Frenchie Pug - Pug X French Bulldog Japug - Pug X Japanese Chin Jug - Pug X Jack Russel Maltipug - Pug X Maltese Muggin - Pug X Miniature Pinscher Ori Pei - Pug X Shar-Pei Pom-A-Pug - Pug X Pomeranian Pug-Zu - Pug X Shih Tzu Pugalier - Pug X Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Pugottie - Pug X Scottish Terrier Pugshire/Porkie - Pug X Yorkshire Terrier Schnug - Pug X Miniature Schnauzer

Available colors:

The American Kennel Club only recognizes Pugs being black and fawn in color; any other color is disqualified.  According to the AKC, markings on a Pug should be clearly defined, and the mask should be black.


The Pug is:

  • Affectionate
  • Even-tempered
  • Loyal
  • Playful
  • Quiet


Your Pug will need to be groomed once a week.

Coat Length:

The Pug has a short coat.


The Pug is a heavy shedder.

Pugs grow a short coat that is soft and fine. Because this dog is a heavy seasonal shedder, it is not a recommended breed for people suffering from allergies.

Health Concerns

Cancer, Entropion, Eye infections, Luxating Patella, Obesity, Skin Allergies

Pugs' bulgy (protruding) eyes are prone to infection, so your pug's eyes should be cleaned regularly and kept as moist as possible. Monitor any changes and take your puppy to the vet immediately.

Find out more about Puppy Health Concerns

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My absolute favorite! I just got my own little pug and she brings me so much joy. Vote for her on the cutest puppy pics smile Her name is Genivieve. Thanks

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Pugs are the ultimate companion dog. Living to please their owner, this small dog bred is even-tempered and playful, with minimal exercise needs.
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