The Tornjak is a large and powerful dog. Its hair is long and thick and protects the body against bad weather conditions. This dog has a stable temperament. The Tornjak is courageous, obedient, and intelligent. When working this breed of dog is fierce in guarding property entrusted to it, it cannot be bribed and is suspicious of strangers when on the job. The Tornjak will protect its owners, herd, and property with its life. This breed of dog is friendly with people he knows. The Tornjak is devoted to its master and is very composed in their presence. Very affectionate towards persons living in their immediate vicinity the Tornjak is great to have if a loyal pet is wanted. This breed learns quickly and does not forget things easily; it gladly performs tasks assigned to it.

Tornjak's make devoted dogs/
Tornjak puppies!
Tornjaks are a first learning breed of dog.
Tornjaks are suitable for cold climates.
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23 to 27 inches (58.4 to 68.6 cm)


30 to 50 pounds (13.7 to 22.8 kgs)


Bosnia, Herzegovina and Croatia

Available colors:


The Tornjak is:

  • Alert
  • Confident
  • Intelligent
  • Loyal

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